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15-compromiso commonIn the past few years, the academic success of Latinos in the United States has been rapidly improving showing a growth both in high school and college nationwide.

In the last decade, the dropout rate has decreased while college enrollment has increased. However, economics continues to be an obstacle for Hispanics who want to attend college.

According to a poll conducted by the Pew Research Center, eight out of 10 Latinos or 83 percent see education as very important, followed by economics which ranks higher at 86 percent; with health and terrorism both at 83 percent.

Statistics about Latinos and Education

Student drop out rate

The drop out rate among students 18 to 24 years old has gone down from 32 percent in the year 2000 to 12 percent in 2014. Despite its decrease, Latino students tend to drop out of school more often than African Americans, Whites and Asians.

Latinos in college

In almost two decades, the number of Latinos going to college increased by 13 percent. In 1993, 22 percent of Latinos ages 18 to 24 attended a two year college. In 2014, the number rose to 35 percent.

In comparison, during the same time period, the average for African Americans was 8 percent and 42 percent for whites.

Finishing their careers 

The study done by the Pew Research Center showed that in 2014, only 15 percent of Latinos between 19 to 25 years old have a college degree.  Unlike other ethnic groups, Latinos do not enroll in a four-year college or attend full-time. Instead, they prefer a two-year community college.

Financing their careers (looking at the statistics)

Asians, 63 percent

Whites, 41 percent

African Americans, 22 percent

Latinos, 15 percent

Latinos have less debt

According to the study done by the Pew Research Center, Hispanics tend to have less student debt.

Twenty-two (22) percent of Latino young adults who are heads of household have student loans because they opt to study at a community college where the rates are lower than a four-year academic institution.


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