By Alex Vasallo  

El Mundo Newspaper spent part of the afternoon last weekend at the annual Washington Mills Spring Vendor fair (270 Canal Street in Lawrence) where a wide range of local artists, bakers and merchants were on display. Here are three we interviewed:

22-viva lawrence_3
Nati Lopez is not only a stay-at-home mom in Lawrence, but the home business-owner of “Sweets Sweets and Much More” bakery. The bakery’s menu ranges from traditional wedding and birthday cakes to her delicious Tres Leche Cupcakes. Lopez started the business one year ago as a way of taking after her mother, who also loved to bake. As a strong believer that you can still be a stay-at-home mom and run your very own business, Lopez hopes to pursue her career in the future by opening a home store front. You can email her at:
22-viva lawrence_2
Twenty-one year old Ishmail Soto is a Northern Essex Community College student, majoring as a Journalist. As a Lawrence native, Soto found his talent for art at the tender age of 7. Up until recently he has done fashion illustration art, but now is pursuing what he calls Portraitures. In the photo a few of his pieces on Marilyn Monroe, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and one half of Jay Z with the other half Beyonce. Congrats Ishmail!
22-viva lawrence_1
Shannon Sánchez (on the left) is a twenty-two year old student at Northern Essex Community College from the Tower Hill area in Lawrence. Ever since starting art at age 12, she’s had a passion for paintings that continued through high school. Sanchez explains how making paintings put her at ease and truly express who she is. A message that she tries to convey through her artwork is “everyone’s a little weird inside.” Next to Sánchez is Sharina Mejia, Leasing consultant for Washington Mills Lofts. Follow Sanchez on instagram @daisiesandmeadows.

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