Angelina Camacho wants to bring tenancy and commitment to the City Council, representing District 7.

Boston – For the past 20 years, Angelina ”Angie” Camacho has been an advocate, community organizer and community activist. Now she wants to bring the same tenancy and commitment to the City Council, representing District 7.

Her platform includes quality education, access to health care, home-ownership and closing the disparities of income inequality.

”You tend to gravitate to things close to you and it helps me understand what residents are going through,” Camacho said about the work she has done.

Camacho said public education is the only option that many families in the district have because they cannot afford a private school or their children are not accepted to a charter school. ”We really need to have a competitive educational system to ensure a better future,” said Camacho, whose parents came from Puerto Rico and Honduras.

Another concern Camacho has is higher education, noting that 50 percent of the students who graduate from high school and go on to college finish in six years, not the average four.

”We need to work on closing that gap because they’re already behind the economic trajectory,” she said, adding they cannot even afford to live in the district.

”People who feel economically secure want this to be a place they call home and to protect the community, we must build a better relationship between the police and its residents,” Camacho said noting the police force should be more diverse to represent the community it serves.

Roxbury is a big part of District 7 and one in which Camacho said could become a hub in Boston as gentrification is accelerating at a high rate.

Camacho, 42, is Program Manager at Financial Futures Initiative of the Action for Boston Community Development, Inc., where she has worked for more than six years. She has also worked for the Multicultural AIDS Coalition, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, among others.

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