“I want families in the Latino community to have those same opportunities I had”

Recently, El Mundo Boston had the opportunity to ask a series of questions to Gabriel Gomez, Republican candidate for the U.S Senate. These, we guarantee, are questions you won’t hear asked in any of the televised debates.

What makes you the candidate that can best represent in Washington the issues that matter to the Latino community in Massachusetts?

I have a uniquely American experience. As the son of Colombian immigrants, I have been able to live the American dream and I want everyone’s kids to have the same opportunity. Latino voters care about a stronger economy with more jobs and less government interference. My ability to find common ground and put the people before partisanship will better every community and I look forward to getting the opportunity. I’m a new kind of Republican and want to move us in a new direction through common-sense, bipartisan solutions.

What are the most important issues in the near future that you believe the US Senate will be involved in that will DIRECTLY impact Latinos in particular?

The Latino community has been disproportionally effected by high unemployment and a dismal economy.Washington D.C. is mired in gridlock and bickering and isn’t getting anything done for the people. My immediate focus upon entering the Senate will be providing the Latino community with the jobs they deserve using the principles that made America the economic power it was. My parents came to the U.S. for the economic opportunities it held for our family, I want families in the Latino community to have those same opportunities I had. I’m with Marco Rubio on immigration reform. I look forward to making the “Gang of eight” on immigration reform a “Gang of nine”. We need to secure the border, but then provide a pathway to citizenship for those that are willing to work hard and commit to the idea of America.

How do your views on these issues vary with your opponent?

My opponent votes 99% of the time with his own party, precisely the problem with the current state of affairs on Capitol Hill. No one is willing to reach across the aisle and make the sacrifices that hard working families have to make every day. My opponent is part of the problem, not the solution. The only way to move forward is to use reason and compromise, neither of which my opponent has practice during his 37 years in Congress. Anyone who has worked in the private sector knows if you don’t perform well at your job, you don’t get promotion.

What is the BIGGEST difference between you and your opponent that the Latino community should consider?

The biggest difference between my opponent and myself is the fact that I’ve lived the dream that many of those in the Latino community aspire to achieve. My parents immigrated to the United States to give my siblings and I a better opportunity to succeed. When I was a child, I learned to speak Spanish before English. I’ve campaigned in places like Lawrence, Worcester and Holyoke. I want to take what I’ve heard there and represent them in Washington D.C. 

What can you point to as specific ways your campaign has gone about in engaging the Latino community?

 We have engaged Latino business owners who are searching for someone understands their desire to grow their business and start hiring again. Many proprietors have found themselves overregulated and overtaxed by the federal government and want to know they have someone in office that represents their interests. We need to reform the tax code and allow small businesses to grow, reviving the economy and creating numerous job opportunities. Innovation is what drives our economy and I have emphasized that in stops in the Latino community. 

How well, from 1 to 10, do you think you know and understand this community?

 It’s hard to put a specific number on any connection with a group of people. I will say that the energy has been unbelievable at our events in Latino-owned businesses and areas. Since I started campaigning in late February I have made a conscious effort to listen to those in the Latino community and would properly represent them in the Senate.

How does your personal background and experience factor in this election?

I think the American public is tired of the same attacks, gridlock and scandal we see in Washington D.C. Politicians get complacent, that’s why I support term limits. I’m not a politician and my experience comes from my service as a Navy pilot and SEAL as well as my career as a businessman in the private sector. Washington needs something new and my background in areas other than politics is something that will give me a real worldview when legislating.

What is your take on the future of Hispanic voting power in this country?

Latinos are the fastest growing demographic in the nation, a demographic that I’m proud to be a part of. I’m going to work hard to earn every vote and hope to represent all people of Massachusetts in the Senate.

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