Why do advertisers prefer El Mundo?

We have a proven track record of attracting a broad and ever-increasing readership, which means (translates into) a large and attractive market for our advertisers. One does not become the most widely used Latino print publication by not delivering the goods! The advertising community is one of the most savvy and sophisticated buyers in the marketplace. Advertisers are not easily swayed by superficial presentations, colorful media kits and online sales tools that do not represent results they expect and require. We feel extremely confident that El Mundo Newspaper epitomizes the “proof is in the pudding” cliché. Pick up a copy of El Mundo at any time of the year and you’ll find the largest pool of local, regional and national print advertisers in the marketplace. More than any other Latino publication, El Mundo speaks to a diverse community that listens and responds. To put it into perspective, each week the sheer amount of advertisers in El Mundo is nearly as numerous as those of all of the other Latino publications combined. This is especially evident in our classified ads department.

What is the easiest way to confirm El Mundo is No. 1?

We call in the simple “Eye Test”. Don’t take our word for it. Have a look for yourself. We feel so strongly about our publication that we encourage marketers to stack up the competition alongside El Mundo. Without a doubt, our biggest competitive advantage is the product itself. Take a critical approach to evaluating our newspaper as compared to the others that claim to be “No. 1′ in the marketplace. Which newspaper features the most newsworthy community features? Which newspaper has the most popular sections, the most talented feature writers and staff photographers? The superior quality of our publication is what sets us apart, and keeps us at the forefront of Spanish language publications in the region. Look at the sheer volume of advertisers who have placed their trust in our promise to deliver.

What Makes El Mundo Better?

The backbone of any publication is its editorial content. For 35 years El Mundo has consistently provided its readers with the most complete coverage of the Latino community in New England – this includes print and electronic media in the Hispanic market as well as the general mainstream press. And, we have done it the old fashioned way – with original and exclusive content written by and compiled by El Mundo staff reporters and photojournalists who know and understand the community. Nearly every story, photo or feature in El Mundo can ONLY be found in El Mundo. We are not a “cut and paste” publication. Our focus has, is and always will be on the local news events, personalities and issues that have been consistently ignored by other media outlets, but are critical to our community and have traditionally become “El Mundo Front Page News”.

Who is behind El Mundo?

We are proud to say that we are still a family run publication with a forty-year journalistic history in Massachusetts . Our readers and the Latino community come to place their trust in our “family”, as they have seen that our sense of fair reporting, our values and our commitment to complete coverage has been the source of our “not so secret formula” for success. El Mundo has been heralded locally as well as nationally as an example of the “American Business Dream” come true, with three generations of family members working toward a common goal. Founded in 1972 by Latino immigrants and run today by bilingual and bicultural Latino professionals born, raised and educated in Boston, El Mundo is able to genuinely report on the struggles, challenges and aspirations of the Latino community because its leadership is so inherently ingrained in the community that it serves. No other Latino publication can claim this type of commitment to its readers and community.

What can you say about your competition?

For over 35 years we have warmly welcomed any and all Latino publications to the marketplace because it means that the community is growing. It also highlights the fact that while mainstreams print media outlets are struggling, Spanish-language newspapers are flourishing because they have proven to be a cost-effective and efficient way to reach this niche marketplace. El Mundo is a prime example of this. While advertisers trying to penetrate the Massachusetts Hispanic market have more options than ever before, it has become almost an industry-related truism that no legitimate Latino marketing effort can afford to ignore the advantages that El Mundo offers not only through its publications but also through the many large-scale media and advertising events that we plan. Quite frankly, we are proud to have worked so diligently over the past 35 years to earn this distinct competitive edge.

Why El Mundo?

Although we are widely recognized as New England’s premier Spanishlanguage publication, we are much, much more than a newspaper. Our deeprooted community grassroots relationships coupled with our strong corporate partnerships have led to specializing in large scale special events in the community.

With over three decades of service and media experience in this specialized marketplace, we have been able to harness this knowledge to create successful events and exclusive newspaper features for our partners, which have included The Boston Red Sox, The Latino Professional Network, Massachusetts General Hospital, The New England Revolution, The Latin Embassy and The Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

Our Latino Youth Recognition Day Program at Fenway Park (now in its 11th year) has been nationally recognized as a model for combining corporate partnerships, professional sports marketing and grassroots community outreach. (LYRD Media Kit available upon request)

The highly successful El Mundo Latino Career Expos have proven to attract the largest and most diverse attendance of qualified career and job seekers, offering unparalled visibility and results for recruiters, exhibitors and corporate partners. (LCE Media Kit available upon request)

Our close-knit relationships with the areas top Cultural Celebrations and Hispanic Festivals have enabled us to offer unique and exciting face-to-face marketing opportunities with the Latino consumer for local and regional marketers interested in tapping into this growing market. (Festival Sponsorship Packages available upon request)

Exploring creative ways to put our resources to work for you in your marketing efforts in the Latino market is what we specialize in. Putting together a top notch newspaper is only the beginning of what we do in the Hispanic marketplace of New England…


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