“Instilling Job-seeking Readiness Symposium”

Pictured from left to right: Steven Peguero, Paula Garcia, Sara Kelly, Austin Pike and Matt Wininger.


On Wednesday, February 20th, an informative mix of speakers came together to create an interactive and informative event designed to help everyone from students to graduates reach their professional goals.

The basic mission of the “Instilling Job-seeking Readiness Symposium”, was to offer attendees three informative sessions on networking, social media etiquette and tips on what to look like, what to say and also what to be ready for when going on a job interview.

The event took place at the Venture Development Center at UMass Boston and was the result of the mission and vision of Steven Peguero, Founder and Managing Director of “The Best Beginning Symposiums”.

One of the main focuses of the symposiums is to level the playing field in the job seeking environment and encourage everyone to invest in their virtues.

For more details contact: to arrange a symposium at your college or university.

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