With all the Gubernatorial race talk, people may have forgotten that on Nov. 4th voters will also go to the polls to vote for a new US Senator in MA.

Brian Herr is a newcomer and is running for US Senate for the first time, while his opponent, incumbent Ed Markey, has been in Washington, DC for 38 years.

For the past 11 months, Herr has been on the campaign trail. We saw him at both the Puerto Rican Festival, and the Dominican Festival this summer. Just last week, he was a speaker at the Hispanic Heritage Celebration at EMC.

In total, we’ve been told, he’s been to events and forums in over 165 towns like Lawrence and Jamaica Plain. Word is, he’s worn out 4 pairs of shoes.

What has also caught on is his catchy slogan: “Don’t for him, vote for Herr”.

He’s hoping you remember that on November 4th.

10_Ed Markey 10_Herr for Senate

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