By Michael Cruz 

Recently, a group of civic-minded voters, calling themselves “Latinos for Charlie Baker” hosted an evening reception meet and greet for the Massachusetts Republican Gubernatorial candidate at the home of Jabes Rojas in downtown Boston.  Over 80 guests attended the gathering on Monday, June 16th as the event featured one-on-one moments with Charlie Baker and an informal Q&A with those in attendance.

9_charlie baker 1

“A majority of attendees were professional Latinos from the downtown area as well as a great cross section of folks from as far west as Worcester, we had people from up north from Lawrence and also some even came up from Brockton”, explained Rojas.  

The event was co-chaired by Jabes Rojas, Lázaro Lopez, Carol Sánchez, Carolina Alarco, John Markunas, Andrea Lance and Tony Molina.

Baker spent over two hours with the attendees and shared his message to a captive audience that was interested in hearing first hand his views on a diverse set of issues that many times are not addressed in the televised debates or media coverage.  

“I’m personally fired up about Charlie Baker and his leadership for our Commonwealth as Governor.  However, the key value to our initiative that brought the co-chairs and I together on this effort is to engage our community by bringing them closer to the candidates as it’s a two-way street as the candidates also get to learn more about our issues that are important to our community when they have the opportunity to hear directly from us”, explained Rojas.  

9_charlie baker 2

“Regardless of one’s profession, voting history, or stage in life, it is imperative to become involved in attending and participating in the process of meeting and considering candidates.  It is a privilege to convene these type of opportunities and I know that the momentum will help Latinos across the Commonwealth regardless of their voting inclinations and we’re already planning a much larger Hispanic Heritage Month event for Charlie Baker.” 

The Rojas household will be co-chairing a similar event for Democratic Candidate Attorney General Martha Coakley in the coming weeks hosted by Jabes’ wife, Priscilla. 

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