A photo found on Google Images indicates Hitler himself may have been a fan of the Donald
A photo found on Google Images implies Hitler himself might have been a fan of “The Donald”

By: Elvis Jocol Lara

Writers note:  The following “op/ed” piece is purely satirical with bits of truth sprinkled in and around the edges.  I’ll let the reader determine what they choose to believe (except for the cited facts). Any similarities to rhetoric espoused by a certain segment of the political spectrum is purely coincidental and for entertainment purposes only (because stuff that bizarre can’t be true… I hope). 

Views do not reflect those of El Mundo Media,, affiliates or even the writer (no one can be that crazy, right Donald Trump?) This piece is meant to shine a light on how ridiculous the newly invigorated “non-PC” crowd actually sounds.

In a move that I am sure will be applauded by the followers of Donald Trump and right wing conservatives, I’m throwing political correctness to the wind and calling things as they are. After all, “The Donald” is correct and the biggest threat to America today is political correctness.

People are so worried about hurting other people’s feelings that we can’t have an open and frank conversation about the country’s problems. So the gloves are coming off and I’m going to flat out say it.

If you support Donald Trump you are racist (Writers note: Are you feeling uncomfortable yet?).

Now I know the PC loving right wing media elite are going to lose it when they hear this because they’ve essentially made the word “racist” more taboo than the “N” word, but those of us who want to make America great again have had enough.

We’re sick and tired of a spiteful and hateful America that disregards the principals of equality on which this country was founded upon. We’re sick of multi billionaires telling us how to live our lives and big business running our country into the ground.

Trump supporters are dangerous and hate America.  There, I said it (Writers note: How about now? Are you uncomfortable yet?).

They’re double agents working with our foreign enemies to weaken us from the inside. Worst of all, they continue to have babies that anchor their America-hating families in this country.

Let’s call them anchor babies for lack of a better term (Writer’s note: how do people actually say this stuff with a straight face and not hate themselves?).

They even refuse to learn a second language, decreasing our competitiveness on a global stage where foreign nations are better educating and preparing their people for a globalized economy (Writers note: this part may be true and not satire ¯\_()_/¯).

These people are the greatest threat America has seen since the time of Nazi Germany, a country led by a regime that advocated for ethnic cleansing based on the ridiculously flawed belief of cultural and moral superiority of one ruling ethnic class. Sound familiar?

“America for Americans” is a popular refrain among supporters of Donald Trump that rings out as hollow as “Germany for Germans” must have 70-80 years ago.

My apologies to modern day Germany for dragging you into this conversation.  However modern day Germans will tell you that we’re on a slippery slope in America after their own foray with fascism and fanatical nationalism brought their country, Europe and nearly all of the world to its knees.  Today in Germany, the mere image of the Nazi swastika is forbidden by law.

We’re on the verge of having history repeat itself and rest assured, my fellow Americans, that in this instance America would not be the good guy with Donald Trump at the helm. Yes, this is a not so thinly veiled reference to Donald Trump as America’s modern day Hitler.  Folks on social Media tend to agree as a quick Google search of “Trump Hitler” turns up some true gems.

And these are only a few of the many images comparing Trump to the “Fuhrer.”

Think I’m overstating things?  Just last week two South Boston men viciously attacked and urinated on a homeless man simply because he looked Latino.

They knew nothing about the man yet tried to justify it to police by saying it was OK because he was Hispanic and Donald Trump was right. In response to the attack. Donald Trump called his supporters, ergo, these men, passionate people who simply “want to make America great again.”

That’s right, rather than condemning their actions, he elevated them to the status of some kind of American heroes.  Without widespread condemnation of these acts, they are only likely to become more frequent and violent. (To his credit, Trump did send out a tweet saying, “Boston incident is terrible. We need energy and passion, but we must treat each other with respect. I would never condone violence.” Not exactly an emphatic condemnation, but something.)

Just yesterday, Trump refused to be questioned by Jorge Ramos, an EIGHT-time Emmy Award winning journalist and one of Time‍ ’​s “World’s Most Influential People.” Trump had Ramos escorted from his Iowa Press Conference.

Immediately, outside the doors of the press conference, Ramos was confronted by another one of Trump’s charming supporters, who told the journalist – an American Citizen – to get out of “his” country.

You can’t make this stuff up.

But, unfortunately, Trump’s hate for America, and that of his supporters doesn’t stop there.  They want to strip the US economy of $2.6 Trillion (with a “T) over 10 years in buying power buy arresting all undocumented immigrants and deporting them – along with their buying power – in the process spending $285 Billion over five years to cover those costs (Source: Center for American Progress).

Shrinking the economy and increasing government spending sounds like the most un-American thing I can think of.  Yet that’s what Donald Trump and his supporters are advocating.

Their dislike of immigrants doesn’t just stop there.  Trump wants to do away with high skilled immigrant labor also, claiming to instead want to preserve high skilled jobs for American workers.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?  Well the fact is, there isn’t sufficient high skilled American labor to fill those roles.  That’s why companies look beyond our borders for that talent.  Do you honestly think any company wants to spend thousands of dollars and jump through immigration hoops to hire a foreign worker when they could hire one down the street?  That doesn’t make any sense.

But that’s not the largest issue at hand when it comes to visas for high skilled workers.  What do you think this high skilled labor will do when they can’t find employment in America?  Do you think they’ll simply go back home and wait for USAID to take care of them?

No.  As the old saying goes, “Innovators gonna innovate.”  These folks will go to other countries and help drive their economies, further chipping away at America’s standing in the global economy.  With a more homogeneous and less skilled talent pool, America will be less competitive.  Thanks a lot hypothetical President Donald Trump: you just killed the American economy.

In case you’ve been unable to connect the dots by now, Trump’s views on immigration are based on racism and not sound economic or social policy.  If ever elected these policies would greatly damage the American economy and fabric in exchange for removing people Trump deems less desirable from the country.

Yes, that makes Trump racist, and if you support Trump, it makes you racist also (Ok, you MUST be uncomfortable by this point).

Sure, some of his supporters, I assume are good people, but by and large, racist.

Writers Note: Time to put the gloves back on. If you are inclined to be offended by the rhetoric found in this piece, stop to think about how Trump’s words and those of his supporters affect Latinos, immigrants and US born alike – the majority of whom are American Citizens. Trump has painted an entire group of people (over 50 million at last count) as rapists, drug smugglers and murderers. This has nothing to do with being “politically correct” and everything to do with human decency. We may have our differences and disagree on policy, but we should never devolve into dehumanizing, hate tactics; it corrodes the very fabric that one day made America great.


Elvis Jocol Lara is Director of Digital Media at El Mundo, Founder and President of Casa Guatemala and an experienced Marketing professional who has worked with some of the world’s leading brands.  A child of Guatemalan immigrants, he was born in Boston and raised in Waltham, MA. Follow him on Twitter @ElChapin and Instagram @ElChapin502

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