Elizabeth Ching: Passionate about Working at The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

By Tim Estiloz

Boston – Elizabeth Ching has a great passion for her work at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. As Vice President of the bank’s Invoice Processing Platform, she finds her work to be wonderfully innovative and professionally rewarding.

“I started at the New York Fed and was there for a couple of years before I transferred to the Boston Fed,” said Ching. “I was very fortunate because I held a position in the New York in the Supervision, Regulation, and Credit department and was able to transfer into the same area in Boston which was great. The work involved training staff on how to use personal computers and applications that could streamline their work.”

“Streamlining the way people work and do business has become a recurring theme in my career here at the Bank,” added Ching. “I currently oversee a group of people who support the U.S. Department of Treasury by developing, maintaining, and supporting an application called the Invoice Processing Platform. That application basically allows government agencies and their vendors to transact with each other electronically to receive purchase orders, get invoices, and receive payment information.”

In fact, everyday people benefit from some of the innovations initiated at the Federal Reserve.

“You know how you get check images from your bank for your bank statement?” asked Ching. “That started at the Federal Reserve and I was on the ground floor of ‘electronifying’ your statements and getting rid of check processing.”

That innovative process is one of many different and exciting projects that Ching says she is grateful to have been able to see from the start.

“I’ve been very fortunate with many projects,” said Ching. “I’ve built experience in how to launch new businesses, run them in production environments, and maintain them. I would say it’s looking at opportunities and taking hold of them when they are available.”

“I have a really great group of people that I work with,” she added. “They’re such a joy because they’re so positive about what we do. For the most part, that’s the best thing about where I am – the professionalism, dedication, and belief in our mission.”

Ching credits her mother as being a key component and motivator in her professional success.

“My mother who grew up very poor in Puerto Rico was always, and still is, a huge proponent of education and improving one’s self,” said Ching. “There are five of us in my family, all women. All of us have put a lot of emphasis on improving our education and making sure our children are educated. That’s been a huge push in my life.”

Complacency in life is something Ching has always worked to avoid. It’s a quality her professional mentors instilled in her years ago and is the advice she imparts to others.

“One of my bosses years ago asked me, ‘where do you want your career to be and where do you see yourself in 5 years and then in 10 years?’” said Ching. “It wasn’t until I was asked that I began to think about the future because I was always in the here and now.”

“I would combine what my mother said and what my mentor said,” added Ching. “You really have to work hard and get yourself educated as best as you can. But you also have to plan and seek opportunities where you can and seize and take advantage of those opportunities.”

However, this VP isn’t all business. Ching knows enjoys a number of personal hobbies including reading voraciously and gardening, Ching is also a big fan of movies. “I love movies – comedies, musicals, but not horror films. I should have become a film critic in another life,” she joked.

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