Emilio Delrosa.

METHUEN, MA — Almost a year after strangling Wanda Rosa to death, Emilio DeLarosa was captured on Sept. 6 in Stanislaus, Calif. where he was living and working under an assumed name.

DeLarosa killed Wanda Rosa in her house on Tudor Street as their son watched and begged him to stop. He left their son at one of his relative’s home before going on the lam.

News of Delarosa’s arrest flooded social media and was confirmed in a statement by District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett.

”As the first anniversary of Ms. Rosa’s death approaches, I hope that this arrest will give some measure of solace to her family and friends. While nothing can bring her back, we will seek justice on her behalf,” Blodgett said in the statement.

Wanda Rosa’s neighbor Maria Foglia was elated.

Family of Wanda Rosa during a vigil on her memory last year (Photo Yadira Betances).

”It was about time he got caught so justice will be done and he will pay for what he did. No one has the right to take the life of another human being,” Foglia said.

Foglia found out when Rosa’s mother posted the news on Facebook.

”I prayed to God daily that he’d be found because Wanda was a good woman.”

DeLarosa was found by authorities from the U.S. Marshall’s Service in Fresno, Calif., the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office, and the Massachusetts State Police Violent Fugitive Apprehension Section. He was identified by his fingerprints.

DeLarosa will be arraigned on charges of fugitive from justice in California, before returning to Massachusetts.

Sandy Almonte, cofounder of DelaMano, Inc., said DeLarosa’s capture ”is a sign of relief for Wanda’s family because it will bring them closure as well as the community.”

Almonte continued, ”I’m very happy, but I have mixed emotions because it will bring back many sad memories to the family as the judicial process begins.”

Last year, Tudor street, in Methuen, surrounded by candles and floral arrangements where Rosa’s body was found (Photo Yadira Betances).

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