El Alcalde Daniel Rivera anunció hoy en la Escuela Robert Frost que se va a reelegir para un segundo mandato. (Foto Yadira Betances)
Mayor Daniel Rivera announced he is running for reelection  . (Foto Yadira Betances)

 By Yadira Betances

LAWRENCE, MA. — Mayor Daniel Rivera made an stunning announcement today, “I’m running.”

“I’m thrilled to be your mayor. We have made much progress, but there is more to fight for”, Rivera said.

“I’m running because I want to continue fighting for the families of each neighborhood to make Lawrence safer, to make city government work better and more professional,” Rivera said members of the Mt. Vernon Neighborhood Association. 

Rivera, 45, had been thinking about running for a while, but wanted to wait until after the elections for state representative to officially make his announcement.

He made his final decision after talking to his wife Paula King, friends, and supporters. Rivera will have a kick off in December.

“I think it was time. This is hard work having a family, but we have engaged so many great people who work with us”, Rivera said.

Eileen Bernal, the mayor’s chief of staff, noted Rivera’s announcement comes on the third anniversary of this win in the mayoral primary elections and a year after the courts threw out the recall petition against him.

When asked by El Mundo, whether he expected another recall, Rivera said, 

“I hope not. I hope they see what we’re trying to do. This is an important seat and I welcome any challengers because it’s important for the city.”

City Council Vice President, Marc LaPlante, said Rivera’s announcement was “great news.” 

“It’s refreshing to see a mayor like Dan Rivera serving our city,”  said LaPlante, who has been on the council for 12 years. 

“He understands and has a tremendous amount of energy, direction, competency and professionalism to run our city,” LaPlante said. 

Noelia Rodriguez, who has lived in Lawrence for 36 years, is glad Rivera is running again.

“I think he’s doing a good job and hopefully he can continue to do what he has started. I support him,” Rodriguez said.

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