Thursday, July 19, 2018

El Mundo and the Boston Celtics have teamed up to celebrate the Latino fan during a team home game. For one night only, El Mundo will transform the fan experience at the TD Garden and celebrate the best of what Latino culture has to offer.



El Mundo Ranks to the Top 10 Moments of Celtics’ “New Big Three” Era

By Elvis Jocol Lara – On March 4th, the Boston Celtics and El Mundo Boston will celebrate the FIRST EVER “Noche Latina” at the TD Garden. Now it’s no secret that Latinos are huge fans of the NBA and in Boston, the Celtics reign supreme. READ MORE.

Leyendas de los Celtics: Larry Bird

Source: – There are many Celtics Legends, but there is only one man whose nickname actually is Legend. Larry Bird might be the most well-known Celtics player of all time, and his incredible career led to him being dubbed with an iconic nickname: Larry Legend. READ MORE.

Leyendas de los Celtics: Red Auerbach

Source: – Red had been a part of the Celtics family for 57 years and he had been a part of the National Basketball Association for 60 years, never missing the opening of a season. READ MORE.

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Leyendas de los Celtics: Bill Russell

Source: – There are champions, and then there is Bill Russell. Russell is the champion of champions, as he owns the most NBA championship rings of any player in the history of the game, with 11, and has been winning off the court for a half-century. READ MORE

Leyendas de los Celtics: Kevin McHale

Source: – When Kevin McHale arrived in Boston, he didn’t come alone. Red Auerbach constructed one of the most lopsided trades in NBA history when he acquired the No. 3 overall selection in the 1980 NBA Draft, which turned out to be McHale, along with 7-footer Robert Parish. READ MORE.

Leyendas de los Celtics: Dennis Johnson

Source: – Dennis Johnson is ceremoniously known in the basketball universe by just two letters: DJ. He spent only seven seasons with Boston, but boy, were those seven seasons memorable. Seven successful seasons were already under Johnson’s belt at that point. READ MORE

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