➥➥ Estudiante de las promociones 2017 y 2018,
Wilson Peguero-Vazquez y de la promoción del
2017, Hanh Nguyen durante una de las clases
del Notre Dame Cristo Rey.

Notre Dame Cristo Rey High School in Lawrence, MA is not your typical high school. They are not just preparing students for a high school degree, they are preparing students for college and career. They are not preparing students to take on debt, they are preparing students to come out ahead. And while the NDCR basketball players are, indeed, awesome athletes, they are not preparing NBA players, they are preparing Presidents.

The school raises money for tuition assistance so that more young men and women of Lawrence and the surrounding communities can attend a school that can guarantee college acceptance. Since its first graduating class, 100% of its graduates have been accepted to four-year colleges and universities. In addition, over 45 colleges and universities throughout the country already have an eye on Cristo Rey students because they know how well they are educated in high school. In fact, over 88% of Cristo Rey alumni enrolled at these institutions are on track to graduate.

With the current poverty rate of Lawrence at 30%, NDCR is more committed than ever to eradicate poverty in the city. And they know the answer to this is through college education. Students who graduate NDCR are attending colleges like Georgetown University, Boston University, Holy Cross, Fairfield University, UMASS Amherst, WPI and the University of Southern California.

Deemed a “hard” school by students and members of the community, NDCR has never denied it. They know students who apply to NDCR are interested in long-term goals and success. They know students will work hard in school and at their corporate work study jobs so they can graduate college and do amazing things. And NDCR knows it’s the high school to help them accomplish their dreams.

So, if you happen to be walking by an NDCR student out on the basketball court this weekend, you might want to consider joining in … you may be playing in a pickup-game with the future President of the United States.

Notre Dame Cristo Rey High School provides an affordable college preparatory education enhanced by professional work experience for students from families with limited income. Through their unique corporate work study program, students work one day a week outside of the classroom at all types of companies to earn most of their tuition. NDCR is one of 32 high schools within the Cristo Rey Network.

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