Lynn city council president – Tim Phelan; Operation bootstrap boardmember – Jessica Barrett; Saritin Rizzuto, Metro Credit Union; Charlene Bauer, Metro Credit Union; Judith Flanagan Kennedy – mayor city of Lynn; Paula Murphy Roux, Eastern Bank and George McCabe, North Shore bartending services.

Established in 1976, Operation Bootstrap in Lynn has been dedicated to helping adults learn English, improve their basic skills and become college and career ready. The organization has also focused on helping non-English speakers pass their GED, as the idea is that by helping students pursue college degrees or vocational training, it opens them up to jobs where they could make $18 or $19 an hour rather than $8 or $9 an hour.

With a third of the adult population in Lynn having less than a high school diploma, coupled with limited English proficiency, Operation Bootstrap’s work “is challenging but rewarding as well,” explained recently to El Mundo, boardmember Maria Carrasco.

Last Thursday, August 1st, the organization held it’s first anual “Celebrate Literacy Day”, with the support of Metro Credit Union at the VNA Rooftop Deck on  Market Street  in Lynn with the city’s Mayor, Judith Flanagan Kennedy, serving as keynote speaker.

“This was a great way to raise funds and awareness for our community and for the amazing work put in by Operation Bootstrap” said Saritin Rizzuto, community relations at Metro Credit Union.

Edward Terrell – executive director Operation Bootstrap and Judith Flanagan Kennedy Lynn mayor.