DSC_9510Last Friday, El Mundo Boston hosted the first ever Latino Town Hall forum with the candidates for governor.  The event marked an historic milestone for the ever growing Latino community in Massachusetts and the significance did not go unnoticed.

Beyond the presence of leading Latino Media outlets like El Mundo and Univision, the event crossed the cultural divide and received widespread general market media coverage.  Fox25, 7 NBC, WBZ and the Boston Globe all covered the event, sending a clear message to the entire state that the Latino community would be heard in this election and holds the key to the state house.  In fact, Marcela Garcia, one of the lone Latino voices at the Boston Globe joined the forum as part of a distinguished panel of leading Latina women in Boston’s media scene.

Of course, it wasn’t only the big players who covered the event; the community had their say and it lit the social media world on fire during the event with notes and opinion on the discussion and candidates. Everyone from students to community leaders and beyond took to Twitter to have their say.

One of the key distinguishing characteristics of this forum was the inclusion of ALL of the candidates for governor.  In the run up to this event, much was made of the fact that the independent candidates in the election had been left out out of other governor debates and discussions.  The El Mundo forum, billed as a “Conversation with our next Governor,” gave equal opportunity to all of the candidates, regardless of political affiliation and their standing in polling.

For those in attendance, it was a special moment and they let El Mundo and their followers on Twitter know.




The event kicked off with a special recognition for two-term governor Deval Patrick for his service to the Latino community during his eight years in office.



With the pleasantries out of the way, the conversation got started and the community was able to hear where the leaders stood on the issues that most affect Latinos in the upcoming election.



Not Surprisingly, Immigration was a hot button issue at the event, and the issue flamed the passion of advocates on both sides of the issues.



But Immigration was not the only issue that created a discussion and followers on twitter took to social media to express their opinions on the issues.





The discussion touched on many important issues, and while political analysts will debate which candidate won the discussion, it was the Latino community that truly won.   Friday, October 24th will be remembered as the first time the Latino community truly had their say in Massachusetts politics because for one night at least, all of the candidate for governor gave the community their undivided attention.




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