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16-17-cambridge college_1This is according to a study by Georgetown University’s Center of Education in the Workforce. That same study also found 35% of these jobs will require at least a Bachelor’s degree, while the fast-growing fields of healthcare, education and STEM (science, teaching, engineering, math) also have the highest demands for post-secondary education and training.

And that demand is predicted to only increase in these fields, particularly in the STEM area. Yet according to the National Math and Science Initiative and US Department of Commerce, 60% of the new jobs created will require skills possessed by only 20% of the country’s workforce.

Indeed, labor experts believe that the U.S. will be facing a critical shortage of workers in the areas of healthcare, education and STEM in the coming years.

The question asked by many of these experts is this: Recognizing that adult learners often face economic and social barriers when it comes to going back to school, how does an already working adult make the transition to one of these in-demand careers that require specialized training – all while balancing real-world responsibilities?

That’s where Cambridge College comes in

Cambridge College is uniquely positioned to help adult learners advance in these rapidly growing and changing fields. Offering innovative undergraduate and graduate programs, Cambridge College helps students gain the skills they need to be competitive in the global economy, as well as preparing them for credentialing and licensing necessary to succeed in many of today’s careers.

For example, Cambridge College’s School of Education offers practitioner-centered, graduate programs with an emphasis on addressing the educational needs of diverse populations. Students are working adults, often already in PreK-12 grade school settings, and seeking to practice in a broad range of specializations specific to the high-demand career areas. Another example is Cambridge College’s School of Management that offers several MBA programs, including a specialized Master of Business Administration in Health Care (MBA-HC) program that has been designed to meet the demands of healthcare employers.

All programs are designed to fit the needs, schedules, and responsibilities of adult learners by offering an innovative educational model that is inclusive, student-centered, and career-oriented. The faculty respects and leverages the diverse skills and experiences of students, valuing the “real life” experiences so many students bring to the classroom.

“The ‘yes, you can’ environment at Cambridge College provided by faculty and students is redefining the American dream at an affordable price,” says Julian, a former student. “The confidence I gained gave me the credentials, and more importantly, the courage to think about law school. I most valued the top-notch professors who had such rich experiences and mastery in the subject matter.  I would recommend Cambridge College to others. It offers committed, serious, working adults a second-chance.”

Knowing that cost can often be a barrier, Cambridge College works to keep tuition costs low and to provide financial aid to those who qualify. Today, the college’s tuition is less than the cost of the average nonprofit four-year college, and it provides financial assistance to over 60% of all students.

The school has campuses in Cambridge, Lawrence, Springfield, Puerto Rico and Southern California, and offers online as well as evening and weekend classes geared to the adult learners.

With standards and expectations higher than ever before, Cambridge College has a proven track record of success with more than 20,000 alumni, many of whom are working in the fields of education and healthcare.

The school is taking enrollments for the fall semester, which begins on September 8th. To apply or learn more, please visit or call (800) 829-4723 today.


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