This past Friday (January 11th) “Health Care for All” (HCFA), in partnership with the Health Connector and 10 local community organizations, launched a major public outreach campaign targeted to small businesses, individuals, and families in the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking communities about the affordable, high quality health insurance options available in Massachusetts.

The six-week initiative will include public events, an ethnic media PR, an advertising campaign, and door-to-door distribution of educational materials to small businesses and individuals statewide.

These efforts will direct consumers to HCFA’s HelpLine (1-800-272-4232), staffed by Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking counselors, for information about their subsidized and unsubsidized health care options.

hc4a_logoDuring the course of last summer, two “Health Care For All” small business coordinators reached out to approximately 1,300 small businesses owners, in an unprecedented effort to learn about how they access health care coverage for their employees and themselves.

An average of 90% of businesses surveyed did not offer health insurance to their employees. In many cases, these businesses are eligible for subsidized insurance but are unaware of their options, demonstrating the need for this significant outreach campaign.

El Mundo would like to publicly congratulate all the partners involved in this collaborative effort as we salute Amy Whitcomb Slemmer, Executive Director of “Health Care For All”, when she explains that this effort will “raise awareness, demystify the process and educate these consumers about choices and benefits so that they can easily become insured”.

The campaign could not have come at a better time as Latino micro-business owners in communities like Greater Boston, Springfield, Holyoke, Worcester, the Merrimack Valley, the North Shore have truly felt the economic impasse and are struggling to weather the economic climate.  Coupled with the fact that Massachusetts is the state with the largest concentration of Brazilian-owned businesses in the U.S., this is a key moment to outreach and offer affordable health care options available.

El Mundo Newspaper is proud to be one of many ethnic media partners involved in helping to get the word out and we look forward to publishing feature stories, success stories and business profiles in addition to the advertisements that begin to run this week (see page 17).

For more information, El Mundo encourages our readers to reach out to HCFA’s HelpLine (1-800-272-4232), which is staffed by Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking counselors.

List of the regional partners :

Massachusetts Alliance for Portuguese Speakers (MAPS)

Brazilian Women’s Group

Brazilian Immigrant Center

Immigrants’ Assistance Center

Camara dos Dirigentes Lojistas e Empreendedores

Educationist Movement Foundation USA

Center for Women and Enterprise

Hispanic-American Chamber of Commerce (HACC)

Massachusetts Latino Chamber of Commerce (MLCC)

North Shore Latino Business Association (NSLBA)

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